If you have dark, colorless eye shadows or if you just want those elusive lash fibers and you’re into cosmetics then this is the right place for you. Applying false lashes could be quite the hassle. Things could definitely go wrong in the process; you could apply too much glue or God knows you could pull off your natural lashes.  Free yourself from the wasted time and frustration associated with eyelash curlers and mascara. Play it safe, skip the messy glue application and try our eyelash extensions. We make it easy. It is no different from mascara but tiny little fibers cling onto your real eyelashes like little hair and they make your lashes look fuller, thicker and longer. Eyelash extensions eliminate the need for eye makeup on a daily basis even though you can do a few touch ups here and there.

However, it is important to understand eyelash growth before investing in extensions. Ensure you know the pros and cons before making the right decision.  Most importantly, select the best kind of Esthetician who will apply the extensions. Application tools include a eyelash extensions drying fan, eyelash extensions tweezers, adhesive glues such as Eye Batter Ultimate Pro Bonding, Hydro Gel Eyelash Pads, Eye Batter Remover or debonder and sculpting gel among others. If applied properly, they can last up to four weeks though the growth and shedding process of your natural lashes will make them fall off gradually. They last indefinitely with regular refills and by refreshing them every two to three weeks.  The beauty of the extensions is that they are safe to use even in the shower. Like any other product, aftercare and maintenance is everything. Make sure you do not use regular or waterproof mascara on them. Also, while cleaning your face, take special care of the area around the eye.

If you want your extensions to ‘maintain the gorgeous’ and live up to its intended life cycle, do touch ups and refills every two to three weeks and do not attempt to remove the extensions by yourself. Sought out the services of a good Esthetician such as  The Pretty Box La Jolla.  Extensions have easy removers. You can remove them either by steaming your face which will easily loosen them from the eyes, or wetting cotton with olive oil and wiping it on your lashes. Although, it is never recommended to apply the eyelash extensions personally, adhesives like Eye Batter Ultimate Pro Bonding glue is one of the best for individual eyelash application.  Extensions are one of ‘the greats’ in professional cosmetics as this product has taken mascara by storm. Most importantly they boost your inner confidence by accentuating the color and brightness of your eyes. They keep your lashes looking full and natural indefinitely. Remember what they say…the eyes unlock what’s in your soul. Keep them blinking in style.


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