• Full Natural Look $175+
  • Full Diva-Glam Look $225+
  • Little Flutter Look $100+
  • Natural Volume 2D-3D $200+
  • Diva Glam Volume 3D-5D $300+
  • Mini Retouch $35+
  • Retouch $55+
  • Retouch plus $65+
  • Mini Volume Retouch $45+
  • Volume Retouch $75+
  • Volume Retouch plus $80+


  • Brazilian $50+
  • Bikini $45+
  • G-string $40+
  • Full Back $40+
  • Underarm $25+
  • Full Arm $40+
  • Forearm $25+
  • Hands $20+
  • Chest $35+
  • Full Leg $55+


The Signature Pretty Box ECHO2 Facial $120 / 60 min-The ECHO2PlusTM Oxygen Treatment System is uniquely designed to cleanse, nourish and revitalize every skin cell through its revolutionary use of the pure oxygen molecule. This patented system is among the first to offer both corrective and preventative skin care, especially when it comes to reducing the effects of aging caused by the sun, free radical damage, and exposure to pollutants. The use of 87 different combinations of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and most importantly – PURE OXYGEN gas leaves the skin healthy, rejuvenated, and beautiful.

Rejuvenating Enzyme Facial $85/60 min- This ultra-hydrating facial exfoliates and detoxifies the skin as it boosts cell renewal. It is packed with hydrating botanicals and antioxidants that are energizing, moisturizing and firming all at the same time.

Skin By Chocolate Facial $75/60 min- Revive skin with this polyphenol trio of cocoa, resveratrol and acai berry! These antioxidant-rich ingredients deliver superior anti-aging and skin restorative benefits influencing collagen production and improving skin elasticity and tone.


Lomi Lomi Massage $80/60 min or $120/90 min-Hawaiian massage that uses long rhythmic forearm strokes to mimic the ebb and flow of the oceans waves. Feel the connection between the heart, mind, body and soul with deep tissue, therapeutic and gentle forearm movements.

Deep Tissue Massage $90/60 min or $135/90min- A firm technique that utilizes deep-tissue/deep -muscle massage to affect the sub-layer of musculature. It helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation while reducing inflammation related pain and tendonitis.

Aromatheraphy Massage $85/60 min or $125/90min- A customized aromatherapy massage gives the body exactly what it needs. The body absorbs 100% pure therapeutic essential oils into the bloodstream while the massage increases circulation to provide the entire body with the healing properties of the oils and gives the body an overall sense of wellbeing. A mixture of Swedish, Lomi Lomi and trigger point strokes are used to maximize relaxation and healing.


The Pretty Box Signature Beauty $240/MONTH

Three lash touch ups, choice of facial and unlimited brow or lip waxing

La Jolla Beauty $160/month

Two lash retouch, choice of facial and unlimited brow waxing

Cali Girl Beauty $160/month

Two lash retouch, ONE BRAZILIAN WAXING and unlimited brow waxing

San Diego Beauty $100/month

Two lash retouch and unlimited brow waxing

Mobile Lash Services

Lashes to you

Lash Parties

Great for any occasion! Bridal, birthdays, baby shower or a Just-Because
Party! We will come to you with a special group rate. A down payment is
required at time of booking.

Each membership is open to customization on a client to client basis. Please inquire within.